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Simplify the process of splitting bills and eliminates misunderstandings, just by following the crumbs that everyone leave in form of expenses.

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  1. Coin crumbs is created as concept and refined through brainstorming under the philosophy
    "Minimalistic and Powerful"
    Lisbon, Portugal
  2. IOS app is launched.
    As part of the core features it's possible to group expenses by groups, that lately could be shared among members.
  1. Major improvements through the implementation of new features.
    Taking in consideration feedback from the close testing round, features like dark-mode, multi-currency and responsible non invasive placing of Revenue techniques(Ads).
  2. Android app is launched.
    After the stable version achieve, now it's time to provide for Android with all the features implemented so far.
  1. Accounts are here.
    Now it's possible to save and recover data generated securely through email or OAuth(Google, Apple) sign up process.